Religion and Philisophy Related Anagrams


Easter  =  Set era

Shrove Tuesday  = The sad voyeurs

Ash Wednesday = New day shades

Palm Sunday  = Any mud slap

Maundy Thursday  = A dry dusty human

Last Supper  =  Purest pals

Good Friday =  Diary of God

Gethsemane  =  The sage men

Crucifixion  = I occur in fix

Resurrection  =  Risen, to recur

Easter Sunday  = Unready asset

Holy week = Whole key

Religious festival  = It glorifies values

Conclave of the Cardinals = Called - chosen for Vatican

White smoke from the Vatican chimney =  Fire votes with match - I choke many men

A confessional =  On a scale of sin

Evangelist =  Evil's agent

Funeral   =   Real Fun

St Pauls Cathedral   =   Has sculpted altar

I run to escape   =   A persecution

Presbyterian   =   Best in prayer


Animosity  =  Is no amity

The Meaning of Life   =  The fine game of nil

Desperation   =   A rope ends it

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