History Related Anagrams


The Battle of Hastings =  Alas, not the best fight

Wars of the Roses  =  The safe sorrows

Titanic   =   Act in it


William the Conqueror = Come quarrel with lion

 Edward the Confessor = France's oddest whore

Florence Nightingale   =   Reflecting on healing

Ronald Reagan   =   A darn long era

Mary Queen of Scots   = O, fear my conquests

Lee Harvey Oswald   = Revealed, who slay

Ernest Shackleton   = Trek on seal stench

Catherine of Aragon   =  1. A nag to force an heir  2. I fear a throne can go

Michael Collins   =   Him in close call

Gerry Adams   =  ;Army's rages

Adolf Hitler   =   1. Rill of death  2. Hated for ill

Queen Elizabeth the second   =  I squeeze the noble hand, etc

Madam Curie   =   Radium came


Tiananmen Square   = Mean Quarantines

Statue of Liberty   = Built to stay free

St Pauls Cathedral   =  Has sculpted altar


Mummy  =  My mum

Shield wall  =  Wild as hell

Serfdom = Deforms

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