Easter Anagrams

Easter  =  Set era

Easter egg  = Segregate

Easter egg hunt  = Thug teenagers

Easter bunny  = Nearby tunes

Easter bonnet  = Obese entrant

Easter Parade  =  Separated ear

Cadbury's Creme Eggs  = Crude gas begs mercy

Hot cross buns  = Bush consorts

Simnel cakes  = Meal sickens

Spring lambs  = Bring psalms

Spring flowers  = Frowns rip legs

Shrove Tuesday  = The sad voyeurs

Ash Wednesday =  New day shades

Palm Sunday  = Any mud slap

Maundy Thursday  =  A dry dusty human

Last Supper  = Purest pals

Good Friday = Diary of God

Gethsemane  = The sage men

Crucifixion  = I occur in fix

Resurrection  = Risen, to recur

Easter Sunday  = Unready asset

Holy week = Whole key

Religious festival  = It glorifies values

Page Updated 01/05/2015