Christmas Anagrams

Christmas  = Trims cash

Christmas Eve  = Vicar's themes

Father Christmas = The rich Mr Fat Ass

Santa Claus = Casual ants

Presents  = Serpents

Seasons Greetings = Tense aggressions

Mince pies = Spice in 'em

Merry Christmas = My charmer stirs

Christmas Tree  = Smart heretics, Merriest chats

Christmas cake = Thick massacre

Christmas card = Drastic charms

Stocking =  King's cot

Mistletoe =  Most elite

Poinsettia = Is a tin poet

Yule log =  Ugly Leo

Ruldolph the red-nosed reindeer  =  Deplored, he is the odder runner

The twelve days of Christmas = Wretches flash steady vomit

Page Updated 01/05/2015